Skyflash, the Personal Jetpack That Needs a Runway and a Death Wish

By Gary Cutlack on at

Skyflash is a German DIY invention that involves strapping a wing and a pair of rockets to man and seeing if it all flies. And, as today's latest test video shows, it does. Only at an altitude of a few inches, but it's a good start.

The miniature jet is the work of German inventor Fritz Unger, who has spent the last few years prototyping and building his personal flying machine. The winged (wooden!) backpack is some 3.4m across and powered by two micro-turbine diesel jet engines, which could, potentially, power it to speeds of 78mph and might one day see it hit altitudes of 11,000 feet.

But today's newest YouTube clip shows the pilot making a modest start and getting little more than inches off the ground for a second or two. It's such a terrifying looking experience it's quite amazing that he managed to keep it hammering along the ground at full speed for as long as he did. [Skyflash via Gizmag]