Sky's Bagging Early Access to the New Star Wars and Marvel Films

By Sam Gibbs on at

Hidden deep within a release about a relatively mundane announcement of Sky's new Disney Movies Channel, there's a small titbit makes all the difference in the sci-fi-loving world: "including new movies from Lucasfilm, and also Marvel Studios features". Sky's bagged a Disney movie channel and with it, early access to Iron Man 3, Avengers and the incoming JJ Abrams Star Wars movies. And that's huge.

Disney's movies are great, for the most part -- especially the CGI animated movies -- but it's really the prospect of exclusive access to monster blockbusters including Marvel's latest raft of awesome superhero movies like Iron Man and The Avengers, the Star Wars collection, and the new stuff coming out of Lucasfilm that's the biggest draw.

It should mean services like LoveFilm and Netflix get blocked from access to Disney's new movies, at least in the first pay TV window. The beauty of this is that even if you don't have Sky you'll be able to grab them from Now TV, although that might be a rather pricy option. [Sky]