Sony Doesn't Know Whether its PS4 Will Play Used Games or Not

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as not really knowing when it's going to come out in most bits of the world, Sony also seems to be unsure of how to answer the tricky question of whether PS4 contains any form of system to block the playing and installation of pre-owned games.

Speaking to NowGamer, Sony Europe's MD Fergal Gara said: "The answer to the pre-owned question isn't clarified just yet and we’re working through that and we’ll announce our position in more detail as and when we can."

Meanwhile, is a separate interview with the gaming press, Sony's VP of Worldwide Studios Michael Denny was equally vague on the matter of a used games block, saying: "It's a massively important issue and I understand why it's one that keeps coming up and will keep coming up, because people want to know what the exact stance is. In relation to points like that, of course we're mindful of what the game development community wants and what the wider industry issues are with those things. I think in good time that will become clearer."

"In good time that will become clearer" is a pretty useless answer. If the answer was "no ban" it would be much easier for all these shifty execs to say "there's no ban" than to continue padding and flailing about pretending it doesn't know or hasn't decided yet. Sounds like there's something big Sony wants to keep hidden here, or it's waiting to see if Microsoft goes ahead with its own rumoured next-gen pre-owed games ban first.

And, lest we forget (we did just forget), Sony’s Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida previously said there won't be a ban. Maybe be ought to CC more of his mates into his emails. [Ars via CVG]