Sony Just Patented the "EyePad"

By Sam Gibbs on at

No, I'm not kidding. Sony really has just patented a tablet called the "EyePad", because that's not confusing or trollish at all. I'm sure if Sony ever makes the EyePad, Apple will be totally fine with it.

In fairness to Sony, it has had a long tradition of "Eye"-related products. The EyeToy and PlayStation Eye for example, but it's latest crazy looking Eye is a tablet, with gaming controls, cameras, and light-up edges.

It'd apparently work with the aforementioned PlayStation Eye in a PS Move-like way. The light-up edges will be tracked for motion, while the screen is a touchpad with two cameras embedded in the device to monitor motions directly above said screen. Sony seems to think people could use the EyePad to control point-and-click games, enjoy a finger-controlled 3D roller coaster, and do a bit of the obligatory virtual pet, err, petting.

Sony patents all sorts of things that it's never really going to make; it's a bit like a public forum for its R&D efforts. So, whether Sony's really looking at making an EyePad, who knows. I'm sure Apple's many lawyers are on standby, just in case. [Patent via GameChup via SlashGear via Kotaku]