Soothe Your Achey Joints by Sticking Each Limb Into Its Own Tiny, Electrified Bathtub

By Ashley Feinberg on at

What looks like some horrific, early 20th century polygraph test cum torture chamber was, in fact, a gentle medical solution to a common, achey problem.

The Schnee Four Cell Bath was a type of galvanic bath that was prized for its convenience by busy—although rheumatic—men and women about town. Unlike conventional galvanic baths (a type of electrotherapy in which the patient lies in a 34 degree Celsius, electrical-current-infused bath to soothe inflamed joints), these four-celled contraptions allowed the patient to remain clothed, so the whole process could cut back significantly on both time and immodesty.

While some people may claim to have benefitted from galvanic baths, there's really no legitimate evidence proving that electrical currents at a low amperage will offer relief to achey joints. In fact, in all plausibility, they're much more likely to cause harm to regular body functions. But, hey, that's at least got to be good for business. [Retronaut]