Survive In Style With This Foldable Emergency Crossbow Slingshot

By Eric Limer on at

If you're going to prepare for a disaster, you might as well cover all the contingencies, and that's exactly what Joerg Spave has done. With a coating of rubber. Chances are slim you'd find yourself hunting game in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, but in theory, this crossbow slingshot would be the way to go. And in practicality, it's just clever design.

The "Featherlight Folding Survival Slingshot Crossbow" makes use of a clever folding 'barrel' that lets this ball-bearing slinging machine not only have a suitably long draw-distances, but also gives it a portable form factor. And the hinge isn't just a size concern; it also helps you cock the bad-boy. I've got no plans to be hunting scarce, mutant wildlife on The Road any time soon, but if I did, I'd be giving Joerg a call. [Slingshot Channel]