SwiftKey 4 Hits Android, Line-Drawing Flow Enhancements in Tow

By Gary Cutlack on at

The incredibly popular SwiftKey keyboard, which replaces Android's default text input system with a word-predicting engine and more, has been updated today. SwiftKey 4 adds line-drawing gesture tools to its spec sheet, along with numerous other design updates.

The big selling point is the keyboard's "Flow Through Space" feature, which lets you type entire sentences in one flowing gesture movement, with the software popping in some spaces and sorting out your mess when you finish. SwiftKey 4 also includes a simpler word correction feature that sees alternative words pop up when you stick the cursor in a previously typed word, plus it looks all very swishy and sci-fi and lovely, too, with plenty of visual customisation options.

Here's the promo:

And as with previous versions, signing in with your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts lets it build a custom image of your typing style, letting it better guess the next word you're about to type. It can even pull in a blog's RSS feed for style analysis, should you already have a decade's worth of writing stored somewhere online.

Two versions of SwiftKey 4 are available, one for mobiles and another tweaked version for tablets, both usually costing £2.99 -- but reduced to £1.49 to celebrate the new release. And it's a free upgrade for existing users. Get your download links at swiftkey.net.

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