Tamagotchi's Back -- Could You Keep One Alive?

By Chris Mills on at

I'll be honest, I was pretty terrible with pets as a kid. My fish ate each other. Dogs felt the need to maul me. Needless to say, my one attempt at looking after a needy little Tamagotchi saw the poor thing die in a fit of attention-seeking bleating at the bottom of my bag. There's a new, app-based Tamagotchi though -- do you reckon it'll be easier to look after?

Yes, the world's most emotionally intense and time-consuming game is back, in both Android and iOS flavours. Just like in the original, your virtual pet will hatch on screen, and just like the original, you'll spend the next weeks of your life scratching its little digital back and generally humiliating yourself in public. Mind you, it's probably the cutest thing to jump onto your smartphone since you ditched that Hello Kitty wallpaper.

The release is slated for precisely 'soon', and it'll probably cost you some money in addition to your social life. What do you reckon then -- tempted? They are kinda cute, after all....

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