The 10 Must-Have Apps For Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

By Chris Mills on at

Yesterday afternoon's release of the iOS 6.x hack saw record numbers of jailbreak downloads. But there's totally zero point in freeing your device from Apple's shackles if you don't know what to do with your new-found freedom. This list is a good starting point.



SBSettings lets you move a bunch of important toggles (Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, etc) into Springboard, so that they're available ridiculously quickly whenever you need them. Slide your finger across the status bar at the top (that's the default gesture, at least) and you get a little window with all the wonderful toggles. As with all good things jailbroken, it's infinitely customisable and skinnable.


Nitrous (around 0.99p)

Chrome for iOS is a wonderful app, a big improvement on Safari with superb cross-device syncing. However, Apple blocks third-party browsers from using its Nitro Javascript Engine, which significantly slows down internet browsing (and also native webkit-browser-using apps like Facebook or Twitter). Nitrous reverses this terrible injustice, and you shoul see a big bump in performance once you've got it humming along.


TetherMe (around 0.99p)

For unknown reasons, certain carriers charge extra if you want to tether your iDevice to something else. For the princely sum of 0.99p, you can sneak your tethering usage past your carrier. It's a saving in the long run.



Running scaled-up iPhone apps is all well and good, but they look horrible and distorted, and that's not why you sold your firstborn to for that Retina iPad. FullForce scales up (compatible) iPhone apps to full-screen goodness. And yes, it does work for Google Maps.



Apple Maps is, hopefully, nothing more than a lonely and unused icon, sitting in a folder somewhere you'll never stumble across it. But, if you ever click-through to directions -- say, hitting up a postcode in an email -- the beast will rear its ugly head, because you can't get rid of it as the default mapping app. This tweak fixes that, banishing Apple Maps to an even more long-lost corner of your device.


BiteSMS (Ad-supported with free trial)

If you're the guy (or gal) with a million friends who spends their entire life in a perpetual messaging conversation, you need this app. It's a simple, elegant hack that lets you reply to incoming messages from any app. It's also got some neat stuff in the actual messaging app that will mean you never touch stock Messages again.


Auxo (£1.30)

Auxo is basically how multitasking on iOS should work, and while Cupertino's probably not going to do it any time soon, you can take your newly jailbroken iPhone, £1.30, and tell them to go screw themselves.


Barrel (around £2.00)

Barrel is the jailbreak tweak that you don't need, but have anyway so you can show off to jailbreak-sceptic friends. It's got a bunch of cool 3D animations that make transitioning homescreens a novel and slightly exciting experience.


iFile (around £2.00 with a free trial)

A file manager is boring but fairly necessary. iFile is probably the best of the bunch, but more importantly, it integrates pretty well with other tweaks, and native apps like DropBox.



A simple but elegant tweak, this lets you delete Cydia apps like you would any normal App Store app. Free and painless.

If these have tickled your fancy and you feel like diving deeper into the depths of jailbreaking, check out or comprehensive 50-killer-app guide to making the most of your jailbroken device.