The Army's Going to Livestream the War in Afghanistan

By Chris Mills on at

So Israel did the whole live-tweeting a war thing, but the Territorial Army's going to take it one step further -- they're live-streaming, from a warzone, onto ITV1, on a Saturday evening.

As part of a Territorial Army marketing stunt, there'll be a series of two-minute or so adverts on ITV, starting this Saturday and running throughout the weekend -- after the watershed, I hope. The ads will be broadcast in real time "from Afghanistan", though sources suggest that it'll be from the bigger bases like Camp Bastion and Lashkar Gar, rather than from a hidey-hole on the front line. The aim is to "raise awareness of the role of TA soldiers on operations", and is meant to show life in the Army as being EXCITING and FUN and definitely not involving lots of discomfort and death.

Although we've certainly had our fair share of from-the-frontline documentaries over the past few years, this is certainly the first time I know of that operations have been livestreamed. Let's just hope the Taliban aren't tuning in -- and that ITV don't choose to turn it into the next Big Brother.