The BBC's Going to Shove Up to 40 Hours of TV On iPlayer First

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like the BBC wants to get in on the online-only game, and not just with catch-up content. The BBC Trust has given the go-ahead for a 12-month trial putting up to 40 hours of TV content online ahead of traditional broadcast. Feeling the pressure from Netflix, perhaps?

Up until now, the BBC's online-only TV content was pretty much restricted to pilots for shows, like the BBC Three comedy Impractical Jokers. With Netflix pushing 'original' series like House of Cards online-only, maybe the BBC's looking to do the same. There's no reason it couldn't do that in the US, for example, and where better to test it than in your own back yard with your own, non-paying punters.

The iPlayer is certainly racking up the viewing figures at a rapid pace, but it's still a miniscule drop in the whole of the BBC's broadcast network. For instance, in 2012, 2.32 billion TV and radio shows were streamed from the iPlayer, but that's actually only two per cent of Auntie's total viewing figures. Still, it's interesting to see the BBC going the way of online, or at least trialling it. IPTV is the future, apparently. [Telegraph via BBC]

Image credit: Dan Taylor from flickr