The German Cookie Monster Has Returned His Hostage, and No One Cares

By Chris Mills on at

Last week, a golden biscuit belonging to German maker of yummy stuff Bahlsen was 'stolen' from outside their headquarters in Hanover by the 'Cookie Monster'. Now, it's been returned, probably because everyone was bored of a 'crime' that was so blatantly a PR stunt not even the most gulliable biscuit-munching three-year-olds bought it.

Anyway, in case you care, the 20-pound golden biscuit, which was stolen by the Cookie Monster/unlucky PR intern late last week, has turned up safe and sound again. In return, Bahlsen have promised to donate 52,000 biscuits (52,000 because there's 52 notches on a Leibnitz biscuit) to a local children's hospital, so I guess that there's a happy part to this story after all. And, I suppose it's a nice change from charity only being administered through comedy-sized cheques and photo ops.

Now, if the German police could just drop their 'manhunt' for the Cookie Monster, all would be well in the world. [Stern]