The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Should Be Out Today

By Sam Gibbs on at

For those hoping to wake up to a fresh release from the Evad3rs, and iOS 6.1-jailbreaking fun, I have bad news. It's not quite ready yet. The good news is it should be at some point today.

At the time of writing the Evasi0n site says 96 per cent complete -- just final testing apparently. According to Twitter, the final countdown has begun, meaning it should be live today. Of course, "today" probably means this evening for us, considering it's a US release, but it'll be worth it, hopefully.

I'm jailbreaking my iPhone and iPad for Chrome default, and giving Chrome full access to the mobile Safari engine, which should make it quite a bit quicker. Plus that awesome multitasking tweak called Auxo, of course. Oh, and SBSettings, because Apple still hasn't woken up to the fact that quick switches would be a good thing. What are you looking to jailbreak for? [Twitter, Evasi0n]