The Japanese Sex Game You Actually, Physically Shag

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a game. It's from Japan. It's called Custom Maid 3D. It comes with a very unique controller which, and there's no nice way of phrasing this, you stick your little chap into and hump away in front of images of computer generated ladies.

The controller, which is called Ju-C Air and resembles Sony's PlayStation Move controller, comes complete with a little analogue stick on its bulbous end, with the device apparently able to sense the angle and strength of your sexy thrusting. The ladies on screen also react to your... movements. It sounds like an absolutely charming party game.

It's also Not Safe For Work in the slightest, so don't click these links if your IT department is in the habit of watching what you watch and confronting you with print-outs at the end of the day. [Custom Maid 3D [NSFW] via Kotaku]