The New Monsters University Trailer Shows Pixar Is Back With Scary Vengeance

By Sam Gibbs on at

Is it me, or have Pixar's movies been a little less than stellar of late, short of Toy Story 3, of course? Anyway, that looks like it's going to change. The Monsters are back, and if this awesome Monsters University trailer is anything to go by, it's going to just as great as the classic, Monsters Inc.

Included in the mix is the wonderful Helen Mirren, who's playing the Dean of the college. Obviously Mirren's pretty stoked, as she said this of being cast in the voice-only roll:

"What a liberation! As an actor, you have two important tools to your trade: your voice and your body. It has been easy over the years to find good roles for my voice, but it has not been so easy to squash my many legs and my wings into the various costumes I have been forced to uncomfortably wear, disguising my true form. Finally I can make good use of both voice and body in a role that seems tailor-made for me - one could say monster-made. At last, the audience can experience the real Helen Mirren."

Brilliant. I can't wait to see this. I don't think we'll even need to borrow a nephew or niece to make it not weird we're seeing a kids film, as Pixar's aiming this one a little higher by the looks of it. Monsters Inc was just so good, I really hope Disney's on the ball for this one. [YouTube via TotalFilm]

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