The Reason We All Have Rubbish Mobile Signal These Days Is Because of the Damn Eco-Conscious

By Sam Gibbs on at

Mobile signal has gotten worse -- well, it feels like it's got worse at least -- but it's not all the collective networks' faults, the eco-loving, planet and cash-saving movement are equally to blame because of their sodding walls and windows.

Apparently up to some 88 per cent of the mobile bandwidth pumped out to us phone-crazed people is absorbed by energy-efficient walls and windows. That insulation, which keeps your home toasty and the noise out, also nukes mobile phone signal. This inherent signal-blockage means the networks have to work incredibly hard to fire out enough signal strength to get it into your place, and you phone has to work its socks off too. In fact, apparently the modern phone's battery-drain trend is partly to do with the phone having to switch radios so frequently, therefore a top tip might be to junk 3G when you're at home with Wi-Fi to save juice. Of course, said Wi-Fi also interferes with mobile signal a little, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword, even if one side is all but dull.

Moral of the story is this then: If you want decent mobile signal, live in a wooden shack. But if you're normal, then switch off 3G and hope for the best, just don't blame the networks when your new super-insulating windows nuke all but a tiny sliver of signal. [The Register]

Image credit: No signal from Shutterstock