The Secret Diary of a GTA Hooker

By Sam Gibbs on at

Have you ever stopped to think about the poor hooker you just heaved out the car as you ran over pedestrians, firing your Tec-9 out the window in a drug-addled rage? No, I didn't think so. To you, GTA's just a game, but for them, this is real life. Man.

"June 30th

Alright, I quit. I just saw a guy in a bowler hat and suit crash a helicopter and then ride a mini-bicycle past my usual corner shooting Tec-9s at the army. There is not enough money in this town to get me to keep working these streets. I'm leaving. I hear Vice City is nice."

Read the whole lot over at Something Awful, and maybe next time, when you're burning through the streets and taking pot shots at innocent paramedics, you'll think about your actions, and give the girls at least a dollar. [Something Awful via Kotaku]