These Are the FBI's Favourite Things to Pirate

By Eric Limer on at

Everybody's got their grand plans to put an end to piracy -- ISPs are blocking The Pirate Bay, and as for the FBI, they like to take down sites like MegaUpload. But that doesn't mean they don't torrent themselves. TorrentFreak dug up a little list of what's been being pirated from FBI IPs.

With the help of BitTorrent monitoring company ScanEye, TorrentFreak was able to find instances of torrent piracy that utilised IPs registered to the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division. And not just that they were downloading, but what they were downloading as well. Here's a sample:

These Are the FBI's Favorite Things to Pirate

As you can see from the smattering TorrentFreak published, TV and movies are the popular pick including the law-enforcement relevant Homeland and Dexter, along with some others, and presumably some more that just weren't published. Of course, there's a chance that this is just some kind of research for an ongoing investigation or a crazy spoof-job of some sort, but there's also a slightly more likely solution: nobody's perfect. [TorrentFreak]