This Beautiful Colour Picker Will Lure You in With Endless Hues

By Michael Hession on at

It is a primary job of any designer, illustrator, or artist to deal with choosing colours. Most software only provides cumbersome or inelegant ways of doing so. This utterly simple and addicting website will help you in your hue-rific journey with pristine, undulating tones. Ahhhh.

Color.hailpixel is the handiwork of coder-extraordinaire Devin Hunt. It's easy. Move your cursor left and right to adjust hue, up and down to adjust brightness, and scroll to adjust saturation. When you find a colour you like, give 'er a click to pin it in your browser and keep on going. Aside from providing a hassle-free way of comparing and coordinating colours for any use (particularly the web), Hunt's creation just makes you appreciate the "awesome and vibratory power...of colour." It's also a great way to waste away a lazy Monday afternoon. [color.hailpixel via The Next Web via Collective #51]

This Beautiful Color Picker Will Lure You in With Endless Hues