This is What an Insane 42-Wheel, 19-Engine BMW Would Look Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

Car manufacturers the world over have two sides to them. The big corporate money-grubbing accountancy side, and the creative, we-can-do-anything concept side. BMW just showed how awesome it is, by fulfilling one kid's crazy fantasy with the best concept I've ever seen.

What you're looking at up top there is a full-on render of an insane 42-wheel, 19-engine car, which little four-year-old Eli dreamt up one day and asked the fine folk of Jalopnik (via his Dad, obviously) to try and realise. BMW saw it, fancied a go, and then dedicated some serious time and effort to make a rendered reality.

Hell, this thing even has a boot full of toys for your little sprog. Hats off to BMW; I'm sure a render of that detail took real effort and man-hours. It looks like something out of original Batman, or even Thunderbirds, and it's simply wild. I wonder how fast that thing could go in a straight line if it was real. Kudos BMW, you just made my day, let alone little Eli. [Facebook via Jalopnik]

Here's a bigger version (click to embiggen) if you fancy a closer look.