This Ludicrous Safe Is The Only Sane Place For Your Million Quids' Worth of Watches and Cigars

By Eric Limer on at

We all have fancy things, but some of us have fancier things than everybody else. This safe is for those people. The new behemoth by Döttling boasts insurance coverage of up to $1m (USD). And it's even got a built-in humidor for all your cigars! It's like they were reading your mind, right?

Billed as the "safest luxury safe in the world," this pinnacle of security is called "the Fortress" and is clearly aimed at a very specific kind of person: A smoker with a lot of fancy watches. The safe comes in several configurations, one of which includes a whopping eight watch winders. And for the cigar connoisseur, there's the Spanish cedar humidor option, complete with electronic humidifying system, hygrometer, and barometer to keep you up-to-date on how them smokes are doing.

Döttling is making The Fortress available in several different security ratings; the highest of which is exclusive to this particular safe (read: doesn't actually exist). Clearly this is not for everyone—arguably not for anyone—and as such, only ten are to be made. And the price? Not listed. You know what they say: If you have to ask, you can't afford it. [Born Rich via Gizmag]

This Ludicrous Safe Is The Only Sane Place For Your Million Dollars' Worth of Watches and Cigars