This Sofa Brings the Campsite Indoors

By Jamie Condliffe on at

At this time of year, camping sucks. But if designer Stephanie Hornig had here way we'd all be snuggled up in sleeping bags every night—with the help of her wonderful campsite-inspired furniture.

Hornig's final-year project at the University of the Arts in Berlin let her explore the idea of bringing a life in the great outdoors inside for once. She explains:

"I began to compare the life of a modern nomad with camping; it's the feeling of simplicity and independence when we're outside in nature that inspired me. The pieces are reminiscent of the outdoor world and retain their functional character, but are frozen in their movement: a sleeping bag on legs, a torch in a power strip made of stone, and an umbrella stand with a large tabletop."

Our favorite item is, without doubt, the sleeping bag sofa: just imagine taking a lie down in that to watch a movie. Only, we might not make the end of the movie... [Sight Unseen]

This Sofa Brings the Campsite Indoors