This Yamaha Guitar is Your "I Can Do Music, Me" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

It's the Brits tomorrow night, and we're sure that you're like us in wishing that you could be up there on the stage, picking up an award and worrying slightly that James Corden might stand a little bit too close to you.

But it's probably never going to happen unless you get off your arse and make an album. And an album is nothing without songs. And if you're going to write a song, you're probably going to have to play some kind of instrument, like a guitar or a piano. And as we can't see any reduced priced pianos around today, we're going to have to offer you this, a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar, perfect for the confused beginner, and yours delivered for just £89.00. Go on, write a song about what you think James Corden smells of...


Today's Bonus Dealz:

Toshiba 3TB USB 3.0 hard drive -- only £89.99.
Half price PC Gamer digital edition and free Rome Total War Gold Edition -- just £1.49.
Nokia Lumia 800 (SIM-free) -- yours for £145.00.
Dark Sector (PC download) -- only £0.93 with code.
Super Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS) -- just £2.79.
Attenborough 60 Years in the Wild (Blu-ray & UV copy) -- only £11.25 delivered.
Flights from London to Istanbul -- yours for only £87.00.
Uncharted 3 (pre-owned) - £7.50 or two for £10.00.
Crucial M4 SSD 512GB -- only £273.00

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