Top Boss Out as HMV's Fire Sale Starts With Stores Closing Down

By Sam Gibbs on at

HMV's top dog, Trevor Moore, has been made redundant along with 60 more job losses across the troubled firm's head office network. Meanwhile, the 66 stores marked for destruction are preparing for closure, as HMV's everything-must-go fire sale kicks into life.

As we previously learned, the 66 loss-making stores will all close in the near future, but continue trading until an un-specified date, presumably to flog-off any currently held inventory.

At least one store has been confirmed as closing with an everything-must-go sale in full force. It's truly depressing that 930 people are going to lose their jobs, and that the UK High Street is going to have 66 more holes, but at least you might be able to grab a bargain. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get out there and see if there's deals to be had. [Reuters, Twitter]

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