VIDEO: Multi Window Walkthrough and Benefits

By Your Mobile Life on at

If you are the lucky owner of a brand new Samsung GALAXY Note II then you need to check out our Multi Window Walkthrough and Benefits video below, which details how you can do quickly and easily perform multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II promises to revolutionise the way we multitask on our mobile and one of the standout new features on the phone, which helps you save time and work more productively, is Multi Window.

Put simply, Multi Window lets you do multiple tasks on the Note II’s expansive 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen at the same time.

You can access your Multi Window scrollbar by pressing and holding the Back button on the front of the GALAXY Note II.

The Multi Window scrollbar is a transferable panel, which you can place on any of the four edges of the screen and acts as your multitasking menu. From this tab you can switch between tasks, split your screen in two and drag and drop the apps you wish to use concurrently.

So, for example, if you wanted to watch a video, but still wanted to browse the web, then simply open up YouTube, drag and drop the web browser icon onto the screen and – hey presto! – you have your favourite show playing below and all the extra info you need in the panel above.

By using the simple sliding dividing line, you can adjust the balance between how much or how little of the screen you want each app or task to take up. You can also flip your apps around and go in and out of full screen mode at the touch of a button.

What we found particularly useful was the ability to check texts and emails, make notes, take video calls and update our social streams while continuing uninterrupted to work or play online