What the Hell Has Zoe Got to Do With the HTC One?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Zoe, or perhaps ZOE, appears to be a big clue to HTC's mysterious new camera technology, with the phone maker's imaging hints suggesting rumours about there being an entirely new sensor system in its next phone are correct.

We were all a little confused when last week's leaked image of the black HTC One model was accompanied by purported tech specs claiming it featured a "4MPx ZOE" camera as surely 4-Megapixels is nothing in this day and age. This, however, ties in with previous leaks that claim HTC might include three 4.3MP sensors inside its next-gen mobile camera, which combine to create one bigger, and presumably better, image. Which explains who ZOE is and what she does.

HTC's latest teaser regarding the HTC One we're expecting it to reveal on February 19 is pictured above. It's an image of some lenses. Some Canon lenses made in Japan, but presumably HTC's social media person just nicked it off the internet so don't read too much into that. It's also making a big deal of imaging in its many other teasers, so expect HTC's next mobile to come with a serious bulge around the back. [Techradar]