What the Hell Is This Shiny Metal Protrusion Sticking Out of a Martian Rock?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Curiosity has found something weird. It's shiny, probably made of metal, and is sticking straight out of a rock like a hand. Has NASA just found signs of intelligent life on Mars? Is it a tool of some kind? Or maybe the metallic foot of a long-dead robot Martian?

NASA doesn't actually know. The current thinking is that it's made of some sort of metal, as it's shiny, and the fact that it's not covered in dust means it's probably easily cleaned by the wind, and therefore not rough. It could just be a bit of the rock that's more resistant to erosion, or some sort of substance that's actually growing on the rock. Who knows?

Of course, alien hunters are going nuts over this, but I'm sure it's something explainable. Probably. Either that or it's a piece of a Cylon Centurion that crash-landed on Mars after an epic interstellar battle. [Universe Today]

Thanks Jeff!