What Was Your Favourite Dalek Moment in Dr Who?

By Chris Mills on at

Over the weekend, we received the tragic news that Ray Cusick, the original designer of Dr Who's Dalek arch-enemies, and small-child-terrifyer In Chief, passed away, nearly fifty years after the armour-clad mutants first made all of Britain's kiddies poo themselves.

The Daleks first appeared in the second Doctor Who serial, casually entitled The Daleks. Since then, they've appeared in pretty much every Doctor Who series, both Doctor Who movies, and some pretty bizarre cameos in between. Over time, they've gained new elements, like the ability to teleport, and a soft mushy interior (at least in the new series).

Dalek episodes have been some of the best ever -- the Doctor always seems to get in the stickiest situations with them. And for that, we've got Ray Cusick to thank. But what do you think -- what's the best ever Dalek episode been?

Image credit: mseckington under Creative Commons License