What's Your Favourite Pancake Filling?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's Shrove Tuesday today; if that's totally passed you by, you're not alone. But it's better known, at least in non-religious circles, as Pancake Day. So, in the fine tradition of exploratory food consumption, what's your favourite pancake filler, and why?

I'm a lemon-and-sugar man these days, but that's only because I can no longer eat Nutella thanks to my pesky lactose intolerance, oh, and my pancakes are soya-based. If you're after something a bit different, you should try soya instead of milk -- it makes them lighter, sweeter, and taste a bit coconutty.

Allergies aside, what's your favourite combo? I'm assuming we're talking about thin, UK-style pancakes, but if you're an American pancake fan, I guess that's OK too. Are you a chocolate spread kind of man? A maple-syrup guzzler, or perhaps even a fruit-filled muncher?