Why the Battle of Hoth Was a "Spectacular Military Fiasco" For the Empire

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all the talk of Death Stars, X-Wings, and other Star Wars technologies, there's one thing we don't want to see made a reality -- truly crummy battle strategies. The Empire just sucked as a military force, and here's why.

I can't say I've ever watched Star Wars and thought, you know what, this is totally unbalanced; the Empire are obviously total buffoons. OK, I might have thought the bad guys were, well, bad, but not from the point of view of being crap at their jobs. Luckily though, Wired's Spencer Ackerman has broken it all down for us, showing that if the Empire genuinely knew what it was doing, it could have wiped the floor with the Rebel Alliance, especially at the Battle of Hoth.

Frankly, it's Vader's incompetence that let the Rebel scum win, and against all odds too. Idiot. Read the whole breakdown, from defensive placements, the ground assault, to sending your commander directly into the place that should be absolutely nuked. It's nuts, really. [Wired via Kotaku]