McDonald's Adding Free, Wireless Electric Sauce to its Menu

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're trusting enough to leave your £36-a-month smartphone resting on a table in McDonalds while you guzzle down some meat and bread, there's about to be a good reward for doing so -- free electricity from embedded tabletop wireless chargers.

The burger chain has announced plans to trial a system based on the PowerKiss/Qi system, which will see select European McD tables capable of wirelessly charging any device with a compatible induction chargeable battery. PowerKiss sees a big future in this area, offering a little dongle it calls the PowerKiss Ring (above), which plugs in via USB or iConnector and can charge in the usual manner through any phone's standard socket.

McDonald's and PowerKiss are a bit vague about which venues will feature this wireless tech initially, saying only that: "a limited number of McDonald’s restaurants in some selected countries" are in on it to start with. [PowerKiss via Slashgear]