Would You Pay a Small Amount for Yearly Windows Upgrades?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft's rumoured to be pulling 'an Apple', shifting from big product updates every three or so years, to a more rapid, yearly refresh cycle. The rumours currently focus on 'Blue', which is supposed to be a sort of feature-pack upgrade that Microsoft would sell though its online store, a bit like Apple does with OS X 10.x updates. But would you be up for paying a small amount, say £25, for that kind of thing every year?

Apple's managed to successfully persuade people that they should rapidly upgrade every time Cupertino pushes out an update. It's done that primarily through adding new features and tweaks, while not charging the Earth for them. Microsoft's, ethos up until now, was hold back the improvements and hit people with them in a massive upgrade, making people pay through the nose for them.

Windows 8 kind of changed that with the cheap initial upgrade price, which recently expired, so is this a mark of things to come, and do you even really care? Apparently we're not just talking Windows here, either. Windows Phone, Windows RT, and possibly other Microsoft products are in line for a 'Blue' refresh too. How much would be too much to stop you from opening your wallet for Microsoft's latest and greatest, though? [ZDnet]