Xbox 720 May Require Kinect to be Plugged in, Switched on and Watching You

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some newer, slightly crazy rumours have emerged regarding Microsoft's next home gaming console, with development people claiming it'll ship with an updated Kinect motion sensor -- and won't work unless Microsoft's eye is plugged in and activated.

The report, which comes via Kotaku, also claims that installation to hard drive will be mandatory when playing games on the next-gen machine, although tools will be in place to let games run their first few levels while the masses of game data is seamlessly copied across from disc in the background. The next Xbox will ship with a 500GB hard drive according to the source, and you have no choice in installing to hard drive with the console allegedly incapable of playing games from retail discs.

One very nice little feature is the hibernate/suspend tool, which is like an amazing super-pause. You can multi-task, basically, suspending gaming sessions to pop out to another app, or another game, then doing whatever the Xbox equivalent of alt-tab to head straight back into your paused game state.

There are plenty of other tech specs reported by the supposed insider, including an eight-core, 64-bit processor running at 1.6GHz, DirectX 11 graphics support, 8GB of DDR3 and the option of outputting in 3D at 1080p resolution. All quite exciting, if... true.

Meanwhile, the sales performance of the current Xbox has been thoroughly broken down by Microsoft. Speaking at a media event, the company's interactive entertainment boss Yusuf Mehdi claimed it's sold 76 million Xbox 360's around the world alongside 24 million Kinect sensors, while 46 million users have Xbox Live accounts.

There's also an unexpectedly high proportion of female users knocking about Microsoft's servers -- some 38 per cent of 360 users are women, said Mehdi. [Kotaku]