Yet Another iOS 6.1 Lockscreen Flaw Lets Anyone Access Everything on Your iPhone

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you thought getting access to your phone's dialler, contacts, and even photos was bad enough from a supposedly secure, locked iPhone, how about access to everything on the device? Yeah, things just got even worse for Apple's steaming pile of iOS 6.1.

Essentially this is an extension of the previous iOS 6.1 lockscreen bypass, which allows you to go further and hook up a locked iPhone or iPad to a computer, letting you dump everything into iTunes and access the camera roll as a removable device.

Now, it's probably not something you or I should be worried about, but the big thing is you can do this all without a trace. Imagine if someone stored company, or even country secrets on their iPhone -- I know it's crazy, but you just know someone does -- spies could pinch it all, no issue.

Come on Apple. This is simply not good enough. If you want to be the phone for business as well as pleasure, you've got to secure this stuff up tight. Just look at, errr, BlackBerry. [Forbes]

Image credit: Unlocked2 from Shutterstock