You Can Bypass the iOS 6.1 Lockcode Screen With This Simple Technique

By Sam Gibbs on at

Let's just say iOS 6.1 hasn't been Apple's finest hour. So far it's been plagued with connection issues, battery woes, and now it's totally insecure. You can simply bypass any lockcode on an iPhone using a pretty straightforward sequence of button presses. Oh Apple, what the hell happened here?

I have no idea how one would actually figure this out in the first place, but the instructions are pretty simple not that they've gone through all the effort. First you have to pretend to turn the phone off, then make an aborted emergency call, then a quick bit of off button and cancel pressing. That boots you into the full phone app where you can pretty much call or message anyone you like. Or in fact, change someone's contact details to confuse the hell out of them.

Hopefully Apple pushes out a fix for this pretty soon, as any bottom feeder could rack up a load of premium-rate phone calls in a matter of minutes if they pinched your beloved iPhone. Apple's slipping, a little bit more each day. [YouTube via S1riOS6]

Image credit: Unlocked, 2 from Shutterstock