YouTube to Appear on New Freesat Boxes Next Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Freesat platform's about to get a very exciting and innovative new channel, with the free-to-air satellite option set to launch a standalone YouTube channel app that'll work without the need for you to screw around with a separate streaming box.

There is one catch, though. The YouTube app will be built around an HTML5 layout and interface, meaning you'll be needing one of the recently launched Freetime boxes to grant access to the new satellite/internet mash-up option. In return, Freesat says users will get a "TV-optimised, visually stunning and fully interactive" YouTube interface.

In today's YouTube announcement Freesat also took time to boast about its adoption numbers. It claims to have added 55,000 new households in Q3 of 2012, more than the 25,000 it says joined Sky and the 20,000 it believes signed up for a BT Vision account. Three million Freesat boxes have been sold in the UK since launch in 2008. [Freesat [PDF]]