A Bunch of Syrians Have Hijacked @BBCWeather and are Tweeting About Camels

By Chris Mills on at

So while the rest of us were merrily tucking into our Subways (mmm, toasted turkey), a group called the "Syrian Electronic Army" has wrested control of the BBC Weather Twitter account from those fine folks at the Beeb and are merrily spamming a bizarre mixture of political commentary and camel jokes.

The first tweet, planting the digital flag-pole in the BBC's turf, went up around 1PM; since then, the miscreants have been giving casual shout-outs to their homie, Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad, bashing Israel, and generally behaving like two-year-olds with their new toy.

The group behind it, the Syrian Electronic Army, is a pro-regime group (not an official arm of the Syrian government) who seek to "unleash an onslaught of pro-government propaganda upon the Internet". They've got a history of hacking and DDoSing major news outlets and government websites and social media pages, all with the intent of flooding the western world with pro-Assad propoganda. Given the support the UK has shown for their enemies, the anti-regime Syrian rebels, it's not really surprising they've gone after one of the stalwarts of British media.

I reckon they've got it the wrong way round, though -- I mean, who actually belives the weather forecasts any more? [Twitter via TechRadar]

Updated: Looks like they've got control of BBC Radio Arabic as well. Sadly, the guy with the acerbic wit is clearly busy with the Weather account at the moment, since there's nothing more than a "SEA woz here" graffiti-tag on the page at the mo.