A Snake Game Makes Smart Watches Suddenly Amazing

By Chris Mills on at

So the whole iWatch thing seems to have thrown up the massive question of "would you wear a smartwatch", with answers ranging from "hell no!" to "shut up and take my money". But let's be honest, if the aforementioned gadget could play Snake, there's no question at all -- you'd want one.

Kickstarter's darling, Pebble, can now do just that thanks to possibly the best firmware update of all time. Sure, the new firmware updates the interface, and doubtless does behind-the-scenes stuff to prepare for the oncoming tidal wave of user-developed apps, but most importantly, it adds the Snake game, and endless hours of up-left-down-up-left-right-shit-bugger-SHIT fun.

Now, if they could just ship the damn things to their backlog of backers, the world would be a happier, less productive place. [Engadget]