A Whoopee Cushion Is Your Old-School-Laugh-a-Minute Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Yes, Comic Relief might have been and gone a week ago, but that doesn't mean that the laughter has to end. No way, no how. If anything, it's made our thirst for forced jollity even stronger.

Thankfully, we've got £2.10 that we didn't bung into the Comic Relief coffers and we're spending it on a four-pack of whoopee cushions. Because if there's one thing we like more than sitting down, it's hearing fart noises. Actually, what's the correlation between the common farting sound and the word 'whoopee'? There isn't one is there? Oh, that's made us feel a bit serious. Those whoopee cushions we ordered had better come soon...


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Newest Amazon Kindle (refurb) -- yours for £49.99.
- Super Mario Bros U (Wii U) - just £29.99.
- Pillow speaker with volume control -- only £2.99.
- 7" Android tablet with external 3G, 1080p playback, capacitive touchscreen -- yours for £36.55.
- An Idiot Abroad (seasons 1 & 2, Blu-ray) -- only £9.95.
- Panasonic 592 vacuum with 6-year warranty -- just £93.33.
- 115" projector screen -- only £33.10 .
- Spring Indie Game sale at Steam

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