An 8-Socket 3000 Volt Surge Protector Is Your "Take That Lightning, You'll Never Get Me" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Sure, we're all pretty pleased with ourselves and the near-infinite number of electronic gadgets that we've got lying around our dwellings, but don't forget that we need to plug them in to the power supply to keep them running.

With that in mind, and also considering that unexpected power surges are liable to get inside your gadgets and render them knackered, you'd be daft not to invest £9.99 in one of these -- an 8-socket extension lead, two metres in length and with surge protection up to 3000 volts. Which sounds like a lot -- in fact the whole thing sounds like the Rolls Royce of extension leads. You can tell your friends that when you show it off to them.


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