Animated GIF Pandemic Spreads to Google+

By Gary Cutlack on at

The slick, minimalist, glassy pyramids of Google+ are about to be invaded by the common man's low-bitrate humour, thanks to a G+ update that lets users set animated GIFs as their main profile images. Imagine the hilarity. And imagine how much longer it's all going to take to finish loading.

Google announced the change in a Google+ post, describing it as "our gif to you" and accompanying it with a link to a Google search for "How to create a Gif" should you suddenly find yourself MAD for this resurgent craze.

Google also recently added an animated GIF search to its image result filters. Browser-crunching pages full of grainy images of cats cluelessly waving their idiotic paws at torch lights are not going anywhere. [Google+ via Engadget]