Another Samsung Lockscreen Bypass Demonstrated on the Galaxy Note II

By Gary Cutlack on at

The lockscreen on Samsung's Galaxy Note II is the latest to be rather easily bypassed by a crude technique, and this one doesn't involve anything more complex than perseverance and a quick Google voice search.

The hack is demonstrated on the Galaxy Note II running Android 4.1.2. It doesn't require any hacking, and access to the phone is gained simply by fiddling with the emergency call system on a locked phone, which confuses the device for long enough to pull up Google's Play Store app, activate the voice search feature and download an app to deactivate the lock screen.

It's a similar system to that used to bypass the Galaxy S III's lockscreen, only this one seems a bit more robust and reliable. If you've got something to hide, a cheap PAYG mobile sealed in a plastic bag and kept inside the toilet cistern is the only way to stay safe. Just remember to turn the sound off. [YouTube via Engadget]