AnyGlove's "Secret Goo" Turns Normal Gloves into Capacitive, Touch-Friendly Techno Gloves

By Gary Cutlack on at

Given that the UK's chaotic new weather systems seem to involve us wearing gloves all the way up to September's surprise 110-degree heatwave, there might be quite a market for AnyGlove. It's a liquid you dribble on your wool-covered fingertips so soft fabric gloves work on a touchscreen. A much more elegant solution than poking your phone with a sausage.

The product listing doesn't go into any particular technical detail about how this fluid works, simply saying there's enough magical conductive liquid skin in its little bottle to last for 550 applications, while also suggesting you might want to test it beforehand to ensure you can live with the potential discolouration effects. [Firebox]