Apple Patents Bonkers Magnetic iPad Holders

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another tantalising glimpse into the future has been offered to us by Apple's patent department, which foresees a world in which we attach iPads to car dashboards, camera tripods and musical stands via the magic of magnets.

Perhaps with one eye on the next-gen console battle that will see phone and tablet integration taken to new highs, Apple's invention covers using a magnetic attachment to secure an iPad to, well, lots of things, making simultaneous second-screen use much easier.

The patent application shows an iPad magnetically stuck to a tripod for use as a camera, or as a possible in-store display device, while further and even madder usage suggestions seeing Apple say users might like to attach it to a treadmill so they can watch Eric Prydz's Call on Me video while working out at the gym, or even have it hook itself to the roof of a car as the ultimate in in-car entertainment stations.

There's even a hinged magnetic attachment shown, which Apple suggests might be used to link two iPads, book style, or with one used solely as a touch keyboard. [Patently Apple]