Apple Refunds Parents After Kid Blows £1,700 on In-Game Purchases in 10 Minutes

By Gary Cutlack on at

The absolutely shameless notion of in-app purchases inside games aimed at kids has hit the headlines big time, after one five-year-old boy managed to spend £1,710.43 on miserable £69.99 bundles of in-game junk.

The boy in question is called Danny Kitchen. The game is Zombie v Ninja, which is "free" for download on iTunes. When he asked for the iTunes password Danny's parents typed it in, saying they were reassured by the fact that the game was listed as being free, so left him to get on with playing the thing.

Danny then went in-app purchase bonkers in a Brewster's Millions style, buying loads of the £69.99 in-game keys and weapon packs, and racking up an enormous credit card bill for his mum. "I was worried and I felt sad," said Danny, when he found out, adding: "I'm banned from the iPad now."

Apple has agreed to refund the money. While it's nice of Apple to do that, it would be nicer still if it stopped publishers putting abysmal, money-grabbing bundles of £69.99 crap in games aimed at children. It's like pulling a Christmas cracker and finding a Council Tax bill and a crown of thorns inside. [BBC]