Apple's Bought Up Awesomely-Named Location Company wifiSLAM

By Chris Mills on at

WifiSLAM, a location company that sounds like the lovechild of a start-up and a WWE wrestler, has been bought up by Apple for £13m. Let's hope they don't screw this one up as badly as Maps.

WifiSLAM's a two-year-old startup, founded by an ex-Google engineer, that uses local Wi-Fi signals to pinpoint people's location indoors. Current uses include supermarket apps that guide people around particular stores (which is a first-world-problem if ever I've heard one).

Obviously, Apple's not revealed exactly what it's going to do with its new toy, but given that Google's already got indoor mapping in certain places, it's a fair bet wifiSLAM won't just be something to guide Tim Cook's army of killer robots around. Get ready for this to come to an (Apple) store near you soon. [Bloomberg via TechRadar]