Apple's iBookstore In Explicit Retweet Snafu

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like someone's going to get a boot up the backside. Apple doesn't have a very many official social media channels, possibly for this kind of reason. Whoever runs the official iBookstore Twitter account cocked-up royally, with one hell of a retweet.

The tweet, courtesy of 9to5Mac, doesn't exactly conform to the squeaky-clean, family-friendly image Apple's trying to project. To make matters worse, iBookstore even favourited the tweet too. Of course, it's been annihilated from the records now, but not before a load of people complained on Twitter.

iBookstore retweet

Something tells me that was meant to be retweeted on the personal account of whoever runs the account for Apple. Ouch. Take this as a lesson -- if you run a corporate Twitter account, perhaps it would be better to use a different client than your personal one? [9to5Mac]

Image credit: Panic from Shutterstock