Are You Getting Spammed Because of Dropbox Again?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Reports are floating around the internet that people are getting spammed to email addresses they solely use for Dropbox, meaning the only way someone could get said email address is from Dropbox. The last time that happened Dropbox got hacked. Are you getting spammed to your Dropbox-associated email?

For me, it's difficult to really tell, as I have one email address I more or less use for everything outside of work, and that gets a lot of spam. Thankfully, for the most part at least, my spam filters deal with it, so I'm not really sure whether this is a real problem again. Complaints on the Dropbox site seem to suggest it is, which could be really bad news if Dropbox just got hacked again.

Perhaps it's worth changing that password just in case, and while you're there, activate two-factor authentication for a little more piece of mind. [Dropbox via Slashgear]

Image credit: Spam from Shutterstock