Berners-Lee and Branson Back Google's UK's Global Impact Challenge Idea Hunt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tim Berners-Lee, the internet's loveable dad, has teamed up with Google's UK team to launch an innovation quest over here, with Chromebooks, tech help and £500,000 on offer to those who come up with the best not-for-profit tech startups.

The concept is relatively simple. Google wants to know how you would "use innovation to tackle the world’s toughest problems and transform lives," with the tech giant looking for high-concept ideas that have the potential to "change society on a large scale."

As with the US equivalent, this isn't something for any chancer with the design for a new kind of spork sketched out on a napkin. The entry criteria ask for things like roadmaps, research, teams, strong track records, registered charity status and more. It's after things already well on their way to existence so it can take the glory, by the look of it.

Initial entrants get whittled down by Google, before a panel including Berners-Lee and Richard Branson pick their winners in June. [Google via Gaurdian]