Best St. Patrick's Day Apps for Your Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

Saint Patrick’s Day is more popular than ever, with people of all nationalities acknowledging that this particular saint’s day is also an unparalleled day for partying. Before you jump straight in with your comedy foam hat shaped like a shamrock, remember that your GALAXY Note II will make the ideal companion for the evening. Here are our pick of the apps and games to help you make the most of St Patrick’s Day.


St Patrick’s Day Clock


Do you know what time it is? That's right, it's time to put on a hat shaped like a pint of Guinness and go and listen to The Pogues.

And how do you know this? Why, with the help of this stylish yet functional clock widget you have attached to your GALAXY Note II's home screen of course!


St Patrick's Recipes


Whether you want to line your stomach with some potato farls before going out, or really like the sound of a traditional Ulster Fry for breakfast the next morning, this app can help with recipes for traditional Irish fare.


DecoBeer: St. Patrick's Day


Unless you have some novelty hats, green rosettes and an authentic* Irish Pub to hand then your St Patrick's Day photographs run the risk of looking like you and your friends on a normal night out.

Solve that problem with the help of your GALAXY Note II and DecoBeer: St Patrick's Day, which will let you decorate your snaps with foaming flagons of beer, pots of gold, lucky shamrocks and the like to properly "St Patrick-up" your memories.

(*probably not that authentic)


Saint Patrick’s Day Countdown


If St Patrick's Day is a big night out for you (or you are just incredibly observant of Saint's days) then this shamrock-themed countdown widget will help stoke your excitement even further.

The app will even let you change the date you are counting down to so you can re-use it for other, non-green-beer-themed events.


Angry Birds Seasons


In Angry Birds Seasons, the feathered friends continue their protracted suicide-bombing of the evil pigs across new levels themed around holidays from around the world.

Needless to say, St Patricks' Day is well covered with 15 levels of shamrock-infused action. The Note II's expansive screen really lends itself to playing this hit game and the S Pen can provide an extra degree of precision.


Beer Crawler


Planning a pub crawl might seem like the easiest thing in the world, second only to holding your event in the brewery itself but the logistics can go out of the window when you add more people and - more importantly - actually start tippling.

Beer Crawl takes the hassle out and helps you coordinate your movements. Just install it on your Note II and onto your friend's phones too and it will let you send messages, update latecomers on your location and administer sobriety tests to plot your friend's levels of inebriation.


Drunk Guard


Have you ever found yourself having a few cold drinks and then making a call that you come to regret in the cold light of day?

If you have a nagging fear that you might call an ex, or leave your boss a slurred voicemail while 'over celebrating' then Drunk Guard is for you. Before you head out on the feast of St Patrick, tag any contacts you care about and Drunk Guard will stop you from calling them. The next day, check the logs and see how close you came to disaster.


Erin Go Bragh


No St Patrick's Day evening should be complete without a consideration of Gaelic wisdom. Tap or shake your GALAXY Note II and Erin Go Bragh ("Ireland forever.") will pop up a proverb or aphorism for you to ponder, from nuggets like "Every short dog is bold in the doorway of its own house." to timeless pearls like "Hunger is a good sauce." Wise words, mate.




If you are worried about overindulging, or you think you might need to persuade a friend that they have had one too many, Alcodroid will help you keep tabs on your consumption. Tap to register another drink consumed, set limits and plot your consumption over time if you want to keep track for health reasons.

The app will make a rough calculation of your Blood Alcohol Count and advise you on how long it will take you to sober up. Note that this is no substitute for an actual breathalyzer, so don't go relying on it to prove you can drive home. Just use the next app instead.




When your night is over, even if that doesn't actually happen until the following morning, you will need some way of getting home. If you are in London or - even better - Dublin then you can arrange a taxi to wherever you are with just a couple of taps into Hailo.